Please remember to allow JavaScipt for [] if you want to add recipes to your Grocery List Generator

The toolbar

  • Generate List Use this button to generate your grocery list.
  • Generate Recipe This button will generate a nicely printable version of your recipes. You can publish your recipes to this website from the generated recipe window.
  • New Items This opens the window where you can quickly add a lot of new items/ingredients to your GLG.
  • New Dish A dish is basically a collection of items/ingredients, use this button to create a new one. Once you have created your dishes you only have to select which dishes you want that week, and the GLG will automatically add the ingredients to your grocery list.
  • Remove This button removes the currently selected Dish or Item.
  • Clear Running List To clear all your previously selected items from your list simply press this button and all counters will be reset to 0.
  • Options This opens up the options window when you can edit the various settings of the GLG.
  • Print List This button prints your grocery list or your recipe using Mozilla's default print feature.
  • Export List This allows you to export your grocery list or your recipe to disk (or to your mobile phone!)
  • Publish Recipe This will publish your recipe to A recipe will only be published if it has ingredients and at least short directions. To get your recipe featured on the frontpage it must also include a photo.


  • Creating your grocery list By clicking the + and - buttons on the overview pane you can indicate how many dishes you want to prepare, the ingredients needed for those dishes will automatically be added. You can also manually increase/decrease the individual items on your list by pressing the + and - buttons next to them. Once you are all setup you press the Generate List button, and your ready to go!
  • Item types Item types (or categories) allow you to group items together, most commonly this is used to indicate shopping isles. In the options window you can drag the order of item types around, edit their labels and remove them.
  • Recipe ingredients For each dish you can list the items that are needed to prepare that dish, the ingredients. The easiest way to add these is by pressing the [Add item to this dish] button at the bottom of the dish's detail pane. You can then quickly enter either the (partial) name of an existing item, or a new item you want to add in the popup window, specify how many of that you need, an optional descriptive quantity (like 1/2 teaspoon) and your done.
  • Automated import of recipes When you are viewing any website that contains a recipe that the GLG can read, a small button will become available on your Firefox statusbar. Using this button you can quickly, and with just a single click, add that recipe to your own GLG to use whenever you want. (Supported websites:,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Font size of your list You can zoom in and out on your generated grocery lists and recipes by holding down the CTRL key and either pressing +/- or scrolling with your mouse wheel. To reset the font back to the original size hold down CTRL and press 0.